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Ranch Raised Virgin Bulls and Herd Sires - Trich Free Bulls - Herd Closed 1967
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Six Casey Beefmaster Bulls + Angus Cross Females (In OK Center Photo) Resulted in
122 Angus cross heifers were exposed to 6 Casey Beefmaster bulls.  
116 of 122 palpated BRED (95%).
112  calved without assistance, one calf born dead.  
Five did not calve either reabsorbed after palpation or miss palpated. 
92% LIVE CALF CROP & NO assistance calving.
Average BIRTHWEIGHT 55 lbs!   
The owners are keeping these E-6 heifer calves for replacements. 

Unretouched Range Photography by Watt M. Casey, Jr.

Thanks to those who purchase bulls annually--several close to forty years--and numerous other bull buyers. These buyers purchase our virgin, trich free yearling bulls when they are 14-15 months old. We currently have a group of virgin, trich free yearlings available.  Casey Beefmaster bulls are working in Mexico, as far north as Minnesota, Oklahoma & Indiana, east as Alabama, Georgia & Florida, west as Oregon & Idaho & New Mexico, ALL over Texas and in numerous other states. 

Each year we offer herd sires for sale. These are the animals that were previously selected from the top end of their respective calf crop and used on our females.

As a general rule, the herd sires are four years old or younger when they are presented to buyers. Herd sires with clean underlines, that are gentle, fertile, muscular & sexually aggressive are available.

Joe Sparks in TX recently purchased five coming two year old bulls from us to use on his Angus & Black Baldy cows. Before he had seen calves from these bulls he came back and purchased four more two year old bulls.  What is amazing is Joe's banker & several neighbors did not believe the Casey bulls were Beefmasters.  When the first calf arrived Oct. 7th, 2010 Joe sent a text message saying "First calf from Beefmaster bull & black motley cow...solid black, little ear... perfect".

Dan Swiney, in MO, purchased Casey Beefmaster retired herd sire 2-69 on Nov. 1, 2007 and range bull
5-23 one year later.  On Nov. 1st, 2009 Dan called to tell me about the cross bred calves they are getting.  Dan said the calves from the retired herd sire are:  "Excellent and the best set of calves he has ever had."

"I am really tickled and the calves have NO EAR and NO SHEATH".  
The bulls were crossed with Angus & Charolais females. With respect to the Casey Beefmaster/Charolais calves Dan said: "they are the best cross I have ever had".  Nine month old calves sired by Casey Beefmaster bulls weighed 650 pounds  right off the mother when sold July 10th, 2009. We hear stories like these quite often and encourage you to consider using

Casey Beefmaster Bulls or Semen.
  For information on available cattle, please call:
Watt, Jr. at
325-668-1373, or you may e-mail Watt, Jr.

We can email or mail Microsoft Excel files on all available bulls.
Request via email with "Excel Bull Files" in the subject line
or call & leave your address.

Dr. Annie Tinnin (Clement) Scans ALL Our Yearlings @ 13-14 Months.
Scanned Off Grass-Not Pushed w/Feed.
SOLD: Virgil Tucker-Idaho
Casey Beefmaster Herd Sire 7-35
Sire: 3-37 Sold to Brian Engleman-OK 
Dam: 99-15 Calved Sept. 14, 2010
SOLD: Lester & Debbi Evans-Hamilton TX
Casey Beefmasters Herd Sire 6-31
Sire: 3-43 Sold to Fred Farthing-MO
Dam:  2-65 Calved Aug. 31st, 2010
SOLD: Lester & Debbi Evans-Hamilton TX
Casey Beefmasters Herd Sire 6-72
Sire:  2-69  Sold to Dan Swiney-MO
Dam: 99-45 Calved Sept. 14th, 2010